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Winter often marks the beginning of the “wedding fair season” where numerous fairs around the country are set to take place. If you are planning to get married, you should most definitely attend a fair, enabling you to become enlightened as to what is available and allow you to be comfortably prepared for the big day. To help guide you through a successful wedding fair day, we have written a guide, so check it out below!

•    Have a plan for the day: Are you hoping to get inspiration for your wedding or meet a particular vendor? Maybe you are going with an open mind and are hoping to meet as many vendors as possible? Knowing this can make the day much more productive, as you know which stalls you’ll need to spend most of your time and effort!

•    Wear shoes that you can walk in all day: You may be walking and standing for hours depending on the show, so make sure you wear some comfortable trainers or flats.

•    Collect plenty of literature/flyers etc: You may think you don’t need certain suppliers, but you may just encounter a problem down the road meaning you’ll need back up. This is the perfect way to prepare.

•    Have a separate email address for your wedding planning. It’s good to have all of the info in one place. Also remember to make the email address short, as you will be writing it many times throughout the fair.

•    Enter the contests and raffles: These are free and you have nothing to lose, so why not?

•    Be honest: If there is a vendor talking to you about something you would never buy or hire, then don’t spend all day speaking to them about their work. If you quite clearly don’t want to speak to a vendor then just politely tell them. After all, you are there for a productive day!

•    Bring a diary: Wedding vendors love talking about their services and about people’s weddings, but sometimes it is impossible to demand full attention. Many vendors will allow you to book an individual appointment to discuss your needs in more detail.

•    Bring a tote bag: Many wedding fairs will give you a bag for all your literature and other promotional material, but it’s not a given. You should bring your own just incase!
•    Don’t be afraid to ask all kinds of questions: Wedding vendors love talking to you about all things wedding. They usually have masses of experience and can prove to be extremely insightful to visitors!

•    Avoid bringing small children: It may seem like a cute idea to bring them along, but it can prove to be more trouble that its worth. Many children end up crying as wedding fairs can require a lot of walking and can prove to be a long day.

•    Have a pen handy: If you learn anything at all from vendors you need to be able to note it down. You should note down contact details and other notes to help you on decision making later on.

•    Bring someone with you: Bring along your best friend, mother or even your fiancĂ©. You will be exposed to a load of wedding services which can be a lot to take in for some. You will also need someone to bounce off with ideas, as well as to help you remember who was who when you get home.

•    Investigate the suppliers list before you visit: This allows you to plan which vendors you consider to be “must-see”, so you can check out their websites and be prepared to talk to them, with a view to make an appointment.

•    Place all of your literature and promotional material into a folder when you arrive home. You will then have everything you need at your fingertips!

•    Bring a camera: You should take photos of things you like throughout the day. It would be a real shame to get home and forget about something you really liked the look of.

•    Bring a cheque book: Some suppliers will offer products you can order then and there, whilst others offering services may not. Either way having a chequebook to hand is beneficial.

•    Prepare to be overwhelmed: You may not have experienced anything like a wedding fair before. There can be countless stalls and a busy turnout: You may be approached by several vendors offering the same thing. If you have already booked a photographer but are still getting approached by them, just kindly tell them you have already organised one!

Above all, enjoy yourself. This is supposed to a fun and productive day, so enjoy every minute of it.
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