Masquerade Masks

Venetian Carnivals are associated with Catholic religious festivals of lent and is believed to have started as early as the 12th century.
Originally there was a public festival celebrating sacrificial slaughter of animals in the streets which over time turned into much more elaborate affairs with the introduction of costumes and masks being worn. This created a high demand for masks. The carnival in Venice is the most internationally recognised and it brings in hundreds of thousands of tourist to the city
This tradition has since seen numerous masquerade themed parties and balls throughout the UK.
For those who have a date in their diary or are thinking about hosting one of these events you will no doubly want to stand out from the crowd with a high quality masquerade or Venetian mask.
Italian World stock a wide selection of Masquerade Masks and Venetian Masks each one individually designed and imported directly from Italy. Their masks are made from ceramics or paper mache and each one is made to the highest finish from renowned craftsmen who have been making these fancy, decorative masks for many years.
The complete range of Masquerade and Venetian Masks are light and comfortable to wear and extremely glamorous so that you stand out from the other s at the Ball.
Masquerade Masks will certainly get you in the mood for the colourful carnival ahead.


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